Personal Protective Equipment Database


Personal Protective Equipment Database

The Irish Exporters Association has launched a database of companies producing personal protective equipment (PPE). The initiative is led by the Chair of the IEA’s Western Regional Network, Dr John Carr. John spearheaded the initiative to create a database that took account of companies in Ireland that already produced PPE and companies that have repurposed operations to produce face shields/visors, masks, gowns and aprons and hand sanitiser.

We recognise that this is a rapidly evolving market, with new products being brought to market on a continuing basis, by both existing and new manufacturers to this sector.

The database has proved very useful for health departments at home and abroad in sourcing the much sought-after PPE.

Company Product Website
Faces Shields/Visors
Key Plastics Face Shields
Future Plastics Face Shields
Steripack (Sanity brand) Face Shields
Mergon Face Shields
Horizon Digital Print Face Shields
Acme Blinds Face Shields
JB Roche Face Shields
RAP Face Shields
It Tape Products Limited Face Shields
Irema Masks surgical and respirator
Irish Apparel Solutions (Azzurri) Masks barrier
Uniformal Masks barrier 
Coppingers Masks barrier
Portwest Masks barrier and respirator
Botany Weaving Masks 
DVProfessional Uniforms Masks barrier
Express Tailors Masks barrier
Stay Safe Masks available for industry
Bensons Workwear Masks
It Tape Products Limited Masks
SteriPack Masks
Gowns and aprons
Ardee Coachtrim Gowns
GDC Healthcare Gowns
Ventac Aprons
JB Roche Aprons
Bensons Workwear Masks
Hand Sanitiser
Cosmetic Creations Hand Sanitiser
Chanelle Hand Sanitiser
Europharma Concepts Hand Sanitiser
Ovelle Pharma Hand Sanitiser
WiPolymer Hand Sanitiser
UniVet Hand Sanitiser
Water Technology Ltd Hand Sanitiser
Mervue Labs Hand Sanitiser
Green Angel Hand Sanitiser
T.E Laboratories Ltd Hand Sanitiser
To be advised Goggles

For further information contact:

Dr John Carr:

Chair of the IEA Western Regional Network Group 

Mati Lafranque:

IEA Communications and Public Affairs Officer