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Supporting IE – UK Trade

Important contact information

For situations requiring urgent and immediate assistance, including for customs clearance, border control posts, ports and freight shipping click here for the relevant contact information.

If you would like to speak directly to department officials, we have collated the contact details for key Government Departments’ Brexit units and agencies for your ease here

On this page you will find key resources from relevant Government Departments, agencies, UK Departments and the European Commission. We regularly update our page to ensure that you have the information you need.

State of play

The European Union and United Kingdom reached an agreement on a future trade deal on 24th December 2020. A summary of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement is here and the full agreement in principle is here. A useful Q&A published by the European Commission is available here

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. A transition period was in place until 11pm on 31 December 2020. During that time, EU rules and regulations continued to apply to the UK and the UK remained part of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union.

Irrespective of a trade deal in place, trading arrangements between Ireland and the UK are not as seamless as they once were.

Upcoming dates to prepare for – 1 April – food and drink sector

  • New rules come into force for exporting and transiting goods of animal origin from the EU to GB. Exported goods of animal origin will have to accompanied by a health certificate issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). Information from the Government on how Irish exporters can prepare is available here as well as information on preparing from DAFM is here

UK Government resources

  • The UK Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is running a series of webinars aimed at EU traders bringing products of animal origin into Great Britain. Details here
  • Information from the UK Government is available here
  • Do you need to get in touch with DEFRA? You can contact the DEFRA helpline by phone 03459 33 55 77 and/or email 

Upcoming dates to prepare for – 1 July – all sectors

  • Full controls on goods entering the UK will apply from this date.  The UK will cease the facility for exporters to delay the lodgement of UK customs import declarations and to pay the applicable customs and VAT charges.
  • The relevant UK officials will begin to carry out physical and identity controls on certain categories of plant and animal products at UK Border Control Posts.
  • Information from the Government on how Irish exporters can prepare is available here

UK Government resources

  • Information from the UK Government is available here

Essential resources to consider 

  • Get an EORI number from Revenue. Details on how to get an EORI click here
  • DETE, Brexit Readiness Checklist here
  • The Government’s Brexit Readiness Action Plan here
  • The Get Brexit Ready – 6 steps to Brexit Readiness – Guide & Resources page here
  • Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s haulier leaflet for using Dublin Port post-Brexit here

Supports for businesses


  • Skillnet Ireland Clear Customs training (free) here
  • Enterprise Ireland Ready for Customs Grant here
  • Details on IEA short courses, including customs courses here

Routing/shipping considerations


  • Moving goods via the landbridge will need to follow transit requirements. Details here
  • Presentation: Revenue Commissioners – Moving Goods Through the UK landbridge – the transit procedure here
  • Presentation: Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) – Use of the UK landbridge post Brexit here

Direct shipping

  • IMDO Assess, Communicate and Trial (ACT) and prepare to switch campaign here
  • IMDO report: Re-assessment of Ireland’s maritime connectivity in the context of Brexit and COVID-19 challenges here and presentation by IMDO director Liam Lacey to IEA members is here

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)

Contact details:

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE)

Contact details:

  • /
  • 01 631 2121

Department of Transport (DoT)

Contact details:

  • 01 604 1599

Revenue Commissioners

Contact details:

Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)

Contact details:

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)

Contact details: 

  • Get in touch with the NSAI’s Brexit Unit directly here

Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)

  • Brexit webinars here
  • FSAI dedicated Brexit page here

European Commission (EC)

UK Government