IEA Submission: Trade and Investment Strategy

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to and support the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s (DETE) work on a renewed Trade and Investment Strategy. Since 1951, the IEA has supported members bring their products and services to world markets.  We hope that a renewed Trade and Investment Strategy will bring some certainty, however, given global trade developments in recent years, we expect that traders will operate under riskier conditions than normal in the short to medium term.

The work of DETE is timely given the changed world in which we live, primarily due to the global outbreak of Covid-19. The pandemic has changed the way in which we live and work. The operation of supply chains, the nature of trade and investment has and will continue to change. Businesses are beginning to look at how they adapted to Covid-19, what changes they had to bring in and what adaptations are beneficial and will become the norm to their respective operations.

We have drafted our submission based on our engagement and exchanges with our broad membership through bespoke assistance, our five Regional Network Groups and our National Council. This consultation is an important opportunity for the Association to further support our members in these turbulent trading times.

Read our submission here