IEA submission: 2021 Pre-Budget submission

Budget 2021 may well be the most important budgetary proposal that the State will come forward with. Tackling COVID-19, managing the consequences of the UK’s departure from the EU, with or without agreeing an FTA with the EU-27, and addressing the ongoing climate crisis are the key issues of the day.

The IEA welcomes the opportunity to submit its 2021 Budget considerations and recommendations to the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform and to the broader Government. The views expressed in this submission are on behalf of the IEA National Council, IEA Regional Network Groups and our wider membership.

Our Budget 2021 submission firstly looks at the economic context and the key considerations that should be made. This is followed by our key recommendations under five headings:

  1. Keeping businesses open and operating
  2. Managing the Brexit fallout
  3. Tackling the continued climate crisis
  4. Keeping Ireland competitive
  5. The new working environment.

Read our 2021 pre-Budget submission here