Intelligence Delivered – How SEKO’s cutting edge solutions drive supply chains to optimum levels

SEKO Logistics is the global industry leader in supply chain solutions for transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing.

Our commitment to developing efficient and optimised supply chains through a range of innovative and customisable IT solutions, provide our clients with the seamless flow of information and supply chain visibility to succeed in today’s just-in-time delivery environment.

Growing out of a single Chicago office in 1976, SEKO today has 120 offices in 40 countries worldwide. This unique shareholder management model enables our customer base to benefit from a global implementation experience and expertise across all industry sectors. Since 2007, SEKO Logistics Ireland, has continued our innovative and first class logistics services to the Irish exporting industry.

Our unique commitment to taking the time to understand each of our customers’ specific needs and requirements as well as building tailor-made processes and services, allow our customers to focus on what’s important to grow their business. Through our tailor-made IT solutions, we help our clients through simplifying processes, providing the right service and cost options with multiple carriers, as well as improving your ability to monitor and track sales and purchase order activities.

At SEKO, we have one goal: Making our customers’ lives easier, so that they can further drive business by developing and maintaining excellent relationships with their own customers. We call this our ‘Four Point Plan for customer service excellence’:

‘Customer first’

At SEKO, we place you, the customer, at the heart of every working day – and our staff are duty-bound to deal with your enquiries and requests immediately, without exception. This ‘customer requests first’ policy is the cornerstone of our service ethos.

Our primary responsibility is to satisfy your needs as quickly as possible. We train all our employees to take full responsibility for seeing any customer request through to its conclusion – thinking on their feet, taking a proactive approach and always going the extra mile.

Staff development

Having the right employees makes all the difference. At SEKO, we pride ourselves on having staff who are honest, courteous and kind. All our staff have an intrinsic passion for excellence and are committed to ongoing self-development. They always put the best interest of their clients first.

SEKO has an established reputation for outstanding customer service, and we’re committed to working together within an environment of honesty, integrity and fun. We train our staff to understand accountability and commitment, to be constructive, self-motivated and positive. Exceeding your expectations and keeping you updated every step of the way is a matter of pride for everyone at SEKO.

‘Can do’ attitude

When things go wrong, you need a logistics partner that will tell you honestly how it is, and how they are going to fix it. This mind-set is at the core of SEKO. We specialize in expecting the unexpected – and finding the right answers, fast.

Our ‘can do’ attitude and attention to detail makes the impossible, possible. Whatever the circumstances, our commitment to getting the job done will be as dedicated as your own.

Our employees

SEKO’s core ethos is rooted in providing hands-on support and expertise at the local level – and we believe that developing personal relationships is the key to good customer service. Our staff know your business, so they can really understand how to support you, and your organisation, in the best way possible. At SEKO, we provide you with a team of professionals, across all aspects of our customer service, who make it their business to support your business.