• Pre-Budget Submission 2019

    The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) are advising that the Government to prepare a prudent
    Budget 2019 that will build on Ireland’s global reputation as a trading hub to encourage the
    sustained growth of Irish exports to world markets.

    If Irish exports are to maintain the record growth it has seen over the past decade, the
    Government’s Budget 2019 should reiterate its strong commitment to:

    1. Address and improve our National Competitiveness
    2. Combat the War for Talent
    3. Open new export markets and business opportunities
    4. Prepare for the digital transformation

    The IEA Pre-Budget 2019 submission sets out recommendations in the following areas:

    Cost Competitiveness

    • Implement customs contingency plans to reduce the impact on Irish exporters
    • Develop the North Sea – Mediterranean Ten-T corridor to address the loss of the UK land bridge
    • Put in place a temporary state aid framework to support businesses excessively exposed to trading with the UK which will need time to develop new markets further afield
    • Implement a postponed accounting of import VAT scheme for SMEs overly exposed to the UK market for a limited period of 6 months
    • Implement the National Planning Framework to sustainably grow investment, jobs and population regionally
    • Develop the Atlantic Corridor to increase connectivity along Ireland’s west coast
    • Develop and increase cargo and service capacities at Irish airports
    • Develop and increase capacity and capabilities at Irish seaports to continental Europe
    • Address the acute warehouse shortage at Irish sea and airports
    • Invest in crucial improvements to Ireland’s critical broad broadband and mobile phone coverage infrastructure
    Supporting Irish entrepreneurship
    • Create a level playing field for entrepreneurs

    War for Talent

    • Tackle the structural housing deficit and improve regional access to shift talent from Dublin to Ireland’s regions
    • Address future skills challenges through strategic investment in training and education schemes

    Diversification of Export Markets and Supply Chains

    • Further exploit EU membership to reduce costs and access new market opportunities
    • Increase resource funding for state representatives to promote Ireland in global trade
    • Build on the Government’s 2017 trade strategy with a strategic long-term approach
    • Partner with the IEA to drive the success of the Irish exporting industry
    • Formalise the role of the Export Trade Council in overseeing the co-ordination of state resources supporting international trade

    Prepare for the digital transformation

    • Increase strategic investment in digital infrastructure
    • Prepare an impact analysis and roadmap on intelligent transport systems

    For a full copy of the IEA Pre-Budget Submission 2019 please click here.