IEA Submission: Unified Tertiary Education Sector

The Irish Exporters Association welcomes the Department of Further and Higher Education,
Research, Innovation and Science call for submissions to its consultation for Progressing a
Unified Tertiary System for Learning, Skills, and Knowledge. The IEA remains open and
committed to working with the department and the wider Government in the interest of
Irish exporters and the success of the wider Irish economy.

The continued success of Ireland’s exporting industry highly depends on the ready
availability of an appropriately educated, skilled and trained workforce for each of the
industry’s diverse sectors. With Ireland’s economy nearing full employment according to the
CSO, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the industry to attract the required workforce.

Ireland’s structural labour market shortage is a significant hindrance to further economic
growth and the global competitiveness of Irish exporters. Tackling this shortage should be
elevated to the national level with a view towards developing a national approach to
addressing the national skills and talent gap.

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