IEA submission: Public Consultation on Guidance for Remote Working

The Irish Exporters Association takes note of the 2019 publication of the research paper Remote Work in Ireland. The Association welcomes that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has taken note of the research paper’s recommendations and has come forward with this public consultation on Guidance for Remote Working for both employers and employees. The call for submissions on remote working is timely given that an increased amount of the Irish workforce is working from home due to the pandemic and that this trend is likely to continue for some time into the future. The top priority for employers is the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and this needs to guide the Department’s work.

The Association would like to emphasise that the mechanics and operations of trade means that essential supply chain workers, both in manufacturing and logistics, are unable to work remotely. The Association’s diverse membership means that we represent both essential supply chain workers and remote workers. The Association recognises that employers have certain responsibilities towards their employees regardless of whether an employee works remotely and given that remote working and the uptake of it will continue, a national guidance document as a point of reference would benefit both employers and employees. The Association however also acknowledges that there are costs, challenges and benefits to both employer and employee from remote working, and these need to be assessed in the round.

Read our full submission, including our key considerations here