• IEA Submission on the Ports Policy Review 2010

    Ports New Guidelines to Support the Export Potential of each region , stated the Irish Exporters Association in it’s submission to the Minister for Transport on Ports Policy Review

    Irish Ports have broadly succeeded in meeting the needs of Exporters since the establishment of the current ports Governance model in 1995.
    The IEA were active in the creation of the new Governance model , and the IEA president at the time acted as the chairman of the industry committee.

    In looking forward , the Department are to be commended in their search to review current port policy and question whether Irish ports are positioned to address the challenges ahead.

    The Irish and global economy has changed significantly since the establishment of the Port companies , and despite satisfactory changes made back in 1995 and again some two years ago , there is need for further change . The IEA have outlined the major challenges facing the export sector and the associated challenges facing the port sector, in it’s submission .

    John Whelan , the IEA chief executive stated on submitting the document to Government;”The State owned port sector can meet the challenges , but must be assisted by;
    · Clearer Government statements to support the maximum potential of the export sector in it’s hinterland to expand competitively.
    · Supporting Policy guidelines to enable each port to reach a critical mass to ensure competitive services for the local industry.
    · Clearer guidelines on sale of port assets/ joint ventures with the private sector / return on private sector investment
    · Development of policy to encourage Internationalisation 
    · Green tech/ clean tech support guidelines for port infrastructure”

    Full details of the submission can be viewed on IEA website , please click here