IEA Submission: Poolbeg Peninsula Project

The Irish Exporters Association believe the continued operation of efficient, economical, and environmentally sustainable supply chains for both exporters of manufactured goods and importers is paramount to the State’s economic success. We support the proposed plans to develop Dublin Port, as they will allow a greater quantity of trade to travel on and off the island, whilst also alleviating impending capacity constraints. Exports account for 40 per cent of all movement through the port with at least some of the 60 per cent of imports also comprising of raw materials later to be exported as semi-finished or finished goods. With the value of exports up to 3.5 times that of imports, it is clear to see how important the export sector is to the economy. Dublin Port, while having no direct influence on demand, has a critical role to play in facilitating economic growth, and this is why the proposed 3FM project is of critical importance as we look to a future of continued economic prosperity.

IEA Submission – Poolbeg Peninsula Project