IEA Budget 2020 Submission

The Irish Exporters Association welcomes the opportunity to submit its recommendations for Budget 2020 to the Government and the Minister of Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform.

Please find the full IEA Budget 2020 Submission here.

As an open, free-trading nation, our economic performance can be heavily influenced by global political and economic dynamics. Considering the many uncertainties in the global trade environment, including any potential Brexit fallouts and impacts from global trade wars, we anticipate 2020 to be an overall challenging year for Irish exporting businesses.

Budget 2020 will be a crucial tool for Government to insulate Ireland’s economy from any external economic shocks and prepare the business community to continue its global growth trajectory.

To facilitate this, the Government should prepare a prudent Budget 2020 and be ready to respond to potential economic shocks through a mid-term Budget in early 2020. In any case, Budget 2020 should take into account the Government’s continued commitment to:

  • Preparing Irish businesses for all Brexit eventualities
  • Improving Ireland’s National Competitiveness
  • Addressing the structural skills and talent gap
  • Further increasing Ireland’s role in and share of global trade
  • Enable the swift transition to a zero-emissions economy

For further information on the IEA’s recommendations for Budget 2020, please contact Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Pascal Koenig.