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The IEA produce three publications annually:

Trade & Transport
The Trade and Transport Analysis is a breakdown of Ireland’s top export distribution. The publication provides essential information and analysis on the modes of transport used by merchandise exporters and importers to and from international markets. It also ranks our most important markets by value.

Top 250 Exporters
The publication identifies and reviews the leading exporters from Ireland, both North and South.  It is a key resource for sub-suppliers and service providers within the exporting sector.  Highlights from  the Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Information and Communication Technology and Food and Drink  sectors will be given.

Export Ireland Survey Publication
The Export Ireland Survey is an annually published study, first undertaken in 1999, which aims to establish a comprehensive overview of the export sector. The survey’s broadly consistent approach is an important feature in increasing the value of the report’s findings year-on-year, allowing for the emergence of comparable recognisable trends. The survey invites some 2,000 respondents to participate reflecting the number of companies in the national exporter population, balancing multinational and small and medium sized enterprises from both manufacturing and services sectors.