Easyfresh Ireland Ltd

Bond Road, Extn. Alexandra Quay, Eastwall, Dublin 3
087 219 3173
Contact Name
Christiaan Visser, General Manager

Easyfresh Ireland Ltd is a reefer shipping and logistics company, based in the port of Dublin, offering temperature controlled groupage and full load services from and to Ireland.

We operate and own a fleet of 45FT reefer containers which rotates between Ireland and Europe. Our containers are shipped full into Ireland on a weekly basis with imports and Easyfresh Ireland load these containers back with either full or groupage loads into Europe. We also own and operate a state of the art 40 000 pallet place cold store facility in Breda, Rotterdam, from where we can distribute our groupage loads ex – Ireland to anywhere in Europe with very good lead times. As part of the global reefer shipping group, Easyfresh, we offer highly competitive door – to – door deep sea shipping services to anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to offer Irish exporters new and efficient ways to ship their perishable cargo on a door – to – door basis within Europe and to the rest of the world and we believe we have the infrastructure and know-how to make a real difference in the Irish reefer industry.