IEA Policy Paper: Preparing Irish exporters for a changing global environment

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) is the voice of the exporting industry in Ireland. Representing more than 500 companies across the exporting industry, the Irish Exporting Association works with regional, national and European policymakers to create the legal framework that fosters Irish exports around the world.

IEA members are increasingly looking at diversifying their export markets and supply chains with the United States, Germany, France and the wider Eurozone considered the most important markets for Irish exporters. Moreover, IEA members, and Irish exporters at large, continue to look eastwards towards high-potential markets.

Goods and services “Made in Ireland” are globally most sought after. Ireland’s Life Sciences, food and drink, agricultural goods and technology sectors are renowned around the world. Significant opportunities exist for Irish products in markets around the world. Yet, according to the CSO, Irish exports largely focus on already matured markets in the United States and the European Union as well as China, Canada and Australia.

Great growth opportunities remain in high growth markets like China and India as well as rapidly growing economies in the Middle East and South America. The growing middle classes on the African continent and South-East Asia also offer significant future opportunities.

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