IEA Policy Paper: Building a framework of national competitiveness for Irish exporters

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) is the voice of the Irish exporting industry. Representing more than 500 companies across the exporting industry, the IEA works with regional, national and European policymakers to create the legal framework that fosters Irish exports around the world.

As an open, free-trading nation at Europe’s periphery, Ireland’s economic performance heavily depends on the influence of external factors and the competitiveness of Ireland’s economy and indigenous businesses relative to their closest competitors. We are in the midst of a global transformation in the international economic landscape.
For our members to continue their global success story, it is critical for the Irish business community as well as local and national Government to ensure the right legislative and economic framework which fosters Irish exports and anticipates and responds to the shifts in the global demand and supply chains.
We call on the Government to develop a holistic approach to fostering the competitiveness of exporting businesses based in Ireland particularly SMEs and those privately-owned. To enable a more competitive framework, the Government should create the right framework and economic conditions to support Irish entrepreneurs when competing in today’s globalised trade environment.

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