National Brexit Series


National Brexit Series

More than 33,000 Irish SMEs rely on trade with Northern Ireland and Great Britain, either as a destination for exports or as a vital source of imports for manufacturing and resale, to a total value in excess of €23 billion.  Before Brexit there is no more complexity to this trade than there is with local trade in Ireland.  From 1st January 2021, Brexit will bring changes in rules, formalities and procedures that will directly impact price and availability.  Most SMEs are aware that changes will come, but have not yet prepared as well as they could.

The Irish Exporters Association is conscious that SMEs do not generally require the professional-level courses in customs and international trade that we offer.  They do however require an understanding of the issues around Brexit, and they need to know what practical steps they can take to be ready for whatever transpires in EU-UK negotiations.

We have partnered with Tony Buckley, retired head of Irish Customs, to offer a series of monthly half-day seminars aimed at building the full knowledge that an SME – from a sole trader to a mid-range company owner – needs to inform the key decisions and actions to prepare for post-Brexit trade.  The February and March seminars proved useful, but now we are moving to a fully interactive on-line series in recognition of Covid 19 restrictions.

Through the co-operation of all involved, we have been able to reduce the cost of each seminar to €100 per person, and CILT Skillnet and Intertrade Ireland are both prepared to subsidise this modest cost.


Monday 27th April – Essential Customs for SMEs

  1. Customs and trade – basic concepts and rules
    • International customs rules and norms
    • Customs law – EU, IE, UK
    • Import, Export and Transit
    • Essential terms – Consignment, Shipment, Item

    2. Customs rules that will apply after Brexit

    • Trade with Northern Ireland
    • Trade with Great Britain
    • Crossing GB en route to EU

    3. Customs rules in practice – exceptions, authorisations, simplifications

    4. Examples of Irish-UK trade – discussion

    Monday 18th May –  Terms of Trade and Supply Chain Management

    1. Supply chain – The “Journey” of goods, checks, risks, responsibility and liability
    • Before departure
    • Travelling
    • Delivery to customer

    2. Incoterms, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading

    3. Franchises, distribution, just-in-time supply

    4. Examples – discussion

    Monday 22nd June –  Imports and Exports – Non-Customs Regulations

    • SPS goods – food, non-food, animals, fish & animal material, plants, seeds, plant material
    • Manufactured goods – standards and labelling
    • Transport and Transit
    • Excise and VAT
    • Examples – discussion

    Monday 20th July – Customs Documents & Procedures

    • Customs procedures – import, export, temporary import/export, transit, inward/outward processing, returns
    • Completing a declaration – demonstration
    • Assembling documents
    • Examples: Direct import/export, Transit across GB, Trade from/through NI, Discussion


Upcoming Training Courses

National Brexit Series
July 20, 2020, Half Day: 9.30 am - 12 pm

National Brexit Series

More than 33,000 Irish SMEs rely on trade with Northern Ireland and…