Seeking Exceptional Talent for Your Organization? TradesEmploy Delivers Skilled Professionals to Fuel Your Success!

TradesEmploy is committed to establishing itself as the preferred and trusted recruitment partner for both clients and candidates. Our dedicated team of professionals operates across Europe, diligently sourcing a highly qualified candidate pool tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. With extensive experience spanning various sectors, including hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications, we possess the expertise to excel in diverse recruitment challenges.

What sets us apart is our stringent selection process and the emphasis we place on fostering strong relationships with clients and candidates. These relationships are built upon trust, transparency, and mutual understanding. We take pride in consistently striving for optimal outcomes that satisfy all parties involved. We prioritize your peace of mind by eliminating any retainer payments and there are no upfront fees. Additionally, we offer an extended guarantee period of up to three months, during which we will replace any unsuitable candidate, free of charge.

We have prepared a set of frequently asked questions below, addressing common queries. However, we invite you to reach out to us for more detailed information tailored to your unique business needs. We are eager to surpass your expectations and embrace new challenges as we continue to evolve and grow.

1.How does TradesEmploy ensure the quality and suitability of candidates for the positions required by clients?

It all comes down to understanding the needs of our customers, gathering as much information as possible regarding job descriptions and pursuing a thorough three step selection process.

2. What screening and selection processes does TradesEmploy undertake to verify candidates’ qualifications and work history?

For each and every candidate we follow a predefined set of selection rules: screening call, video-interview with recruiter, reference and background checks.

3. How does TradesEmploy support clients throughout the hiring process, from initial candidate identification to final onboarding, to ensure a seamless and successful recruitment experience?

At TradesEmploy, we place great importance on cultivating enduring partnerships with our clients, assisting them in advancing their businesses through the acquisition of exceptional talent. Our commitment lies in comprehensively grasping our clients’ unique operational landscape, the specific job requirements, and effectively communicating these details to qualified candidates. Moreover, we maintain a strong bond with candidates throughout their employment, extending our support in various aspects. This includes facilitating procedures such as PPSN applications, assistance with opening a banking account, fostering seamless communication between the candidate and the employer when necessary, and offering guidance for a smooth transition and integration into the Irish working environment.

4. What is the average time frame TradesEmploy takes to source and present suitable candidates?

Timeframes can vary based on the nature of the roles, but on average, it takes about a week from debrief to having the first resumes sent to the client for a review.

5. Can TradesEmploy provide references or testimonials from previous clients who have successfully hired through their services?

Of course. We take great pride in the satisfaction of our esteemed clientele who have graciously recommended our services to their professional peers within their respective industries. Here are a few testimonials highlighting their experiences:

           Philip Ducie, Group Head of Human Resource at Glennon Brother:

“Glennon Brothers is a leading timber processor in Ireland and the UK with a strong growth story.With over 900 employees, people are at the core of our business. We have successfully partnered with TradesEmploy to support our talent attraction at many different levels across our business. Having personally engaged with Kristjan on the process, the management teams are very pleased with the professionalism and timely response of Kristjan and the team at TradesEmploy.”

Tom Flood, Managing Director of Flood Ironworks:

“We have sourced skilled welders through TradesEmploy and to date have been very happy with the skills of these employees. We just let Tradesemploy know what skills we required and when we required and they did the rest.”

Noel Rabbitte, Group Operations Director at Denis Mahony Group Motor Group:

“Denis Mahony Motor Group, one of Ireland’s leading Toyota and Lexus dealerships, would highly recommend Kristjan and his team in Trades Employ as a recruitment consultancy service. In our dealings with them they have been very professional and extremely helpful at all stages in the recruitment process. The caliber of candidate that they have presented to us along with the support and advice that they provide to both candidate and employer during the process is invaluable. They are completely in tune with our company requirements and are very hands on during the whole process from an initial enquiry right through to the candidates first day of work.”

6. How does TradesEmploy handle situations where the initially selected candidate does not meet the expectations or requirements of the hiring organization?

This is precisely why we provide a comprehensive 3-month guarantee period. In the rare event that an employee departs from the company for valid reasons during the initial 3 months of their employment, we are committed to promptly and efficiently replacing the candidate with a suitable replacement at no additional cost to you.

For more information contact:
Kristjan Koik
Managing Director
Tel:  +353 877 847 263