Rosslare Europort’s Planning permission granted last month

Planning permission has been granted. Which will see a substantial investment of circa €30m over the next 5 years at Rosslare Europort .

There will be significant new facilities and infrastructure created at Rosslare Europort to its full potential as Irelands gateway port to the UK and Europe Design. The development will lead Rosslare Port to be a Sustainable, Seamless and Smart Port that will be best in class internationally.

The development under the Masterplan will be completed over a number of phases over a five-year timeframe to enable the port to continue to operate all services and activity during construction.

Key Objectives of Masterplan are as follows:

  • Create an innovative design for a sustainable, seamless and smart port of the future;
  • Review the existing facilities and identify their respective capacities and establish what additional facilities are required;
  • Maximise all available land to meet the future traffic for the port, with reference to trends in vessel sizes/types and new business opportunities such as offshore wind energy/containers, bulk, and additional direct services to Europe;
  • Substantial increase in Trailer/Container, Trade cars, bulk and general cargo storage at the port;
  • Configure the port to be aligned with future external road and land development connecting with the port;
  • Implement a full digitisation programme to create Ireland’s smartest IT port.
  • Provide adequate land for the construction of the permanent Border Inspection facility to meet full customs, security and immigration control requirements;
  • Improved traffic and operations efficiency and safety;
  • Extension of a longer Berth with a second double linkspan to accommodate large vessels of the future

Glenn Carr General Manager Rosslare Europort said “These are probably the most exciting times that the port has ever seen with transformational developments planned over the next few years. We will be making significant investments demonstrating our commitment and drive to grow Rosslare Europort and ensuring that we maximise its full potential both for the region and the overall country.

While we will have challenges in dealing with the current Covid and Brexit situation, I am extremely optimistic about the plans we now have in place for the development of the port and growing of the business well into the future, building on new business from Brittany Ferries earlier this year.

We also very much welcome the additional substantial investments that are being made with the new port access road by TII and Wexford Co Council, the new Brexit facilities for state agencies by the OPW, Revenue, Department of Transport, Depts of Agriculture, Justice and Health and the exciting proposed Rosslare Business Park Zone by XELLZ; All of this development along with our masterplan

will greatly benefit not just the port but also the economic development of the region.

Finally, I also strongly believe that Rosslare Europort is now the best-positioned port to be the Offshore Wind Energy hub for Ireland in the future. No other port in the Republic has the potential land, capacity, and connectivity available that is required, and I look forward to working with all of the key stakeholders in securing the support and investment needed to secure the delivery of this vital development for the country.”