Rhenus Logistics’ UK By-Pass Export programme

Since 1 January of this year, Rhenus Logistics’ UK By-Pass Export programme has seen much interest and increased volume.  At least three times per week, we operate regular exports to our Rhenus hub in Germany for onward distribution across Europe.

We experienced a number of unavoidable weather-related delays at the beginning of the year. Since the weather has improved exporters are now seeing a reliable, albeit slightly longer, transit time to Europe by avoiding the UK landbridge.  Many continental European based customers are happy to work with a day or two increased transit time, especially as they continue to encounter serious delays dealing with UK suppliers to Europe.

For clients requiring quicker transit times we offer driver accompanied and unaccompanied trailer services to Europe. We have had much greater interest from new customers who opt for the most economical routing of Rotterdam versus the more expensive Dunkirk routing.

Rhenus continue to operate three trailers per week to the UK and daily UK imports. We expect that with HMRC’s delayed declaration extended until early 2022, exports to the UK will run without issues.

Please contact Lynda Barry by email – lynda.barry@ie.rhenus.com – if you have any questions.