Navigator Freight Agency part of Irish Rail prepares for Brexit

Navigator Freight Agency has been operating since 1983.

It operates as part of the Irish Rail Freight Division. While it benefits from being part of a large organization, it operates with independent and flexible autonomy to meet customer and market requirements.

Navigator Specialise and are a market leader in provision of services for V.O.R and Daily Stock Order from UK to Ireland for the Automotive sector.

It also Provides worldwide groupage, heavy haulage and wide load collection and delivery throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe for many customers also outside the automotive industry.

Navigator’s greatest challenge these days is getting Brexit ready. Customs clearance for an overnight service for a daily distribution of automotive parts is a very complex process due to the enormous number of tariff codes which need to be cleared through customs within a very short window of time.

Manual process of inputting data for the customs clearance purposes would simply be too expensive, time consuming, requiring a good size team working at night time. Each car part has it’s commodity code and that means hundreds of tariff codes which will need to be processed on daily basis.

Having identified the complexity of the activity, Navigator started preparations last year working closely together with its customers and their customs clearance IT and customs process solution provider.

In order to simplify and make the process actually doable and manageable, the activity must be automated. The electronic files which were tailored made to suit the requirement will be send by customers to Navigator every evening to be processed through the UK and Irish customs within just a few hours in order to meet the sailing time and for the loads to arrive into the warehouse on time without any disturbance to the daily nationwide distribution.

It may sound easy but it has not been an easy task nor it’s over as final touches are being done, however Navigator’s team is extremely excited, very positive and looking forward to the fruits of their hard work for Brexit preparedness.

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