Interview with Rosslare Europort by Ben Radford

What are the current benefits available to exporters in Rosslare Europort?  

Rosslare Europort is a deep-water harbour ideally positioned on the south east coast of Ireland, close to Great Britain and continental Europe. The port is less than two hours from Dublin on an improving road network and is accessible within three and half hours to the vast majority of Ireland, therefore acting as a gateway hub and a point of onward distribution. For passengers, the direct rail service to and from the port is an added benefit for tourism.

Rosslare Europort is well equipped to facilitate bulk shipment solutions as well as rolling freight solutions utilising extensive capacity as required by our customers. Rosslare Eurosport’s operating facilities include three fully adjustable linkspans, one of which has a two-tier configuration allowing multiple deck simultaneous loading and discharging of cargo. The port can handle vessels up to 7.5 metre in draught and up to 220 metres in length. The port currently has twelve tug master tractor units, which are used for loading and discharging of unaccompanied freight on and off vessels. We have a common user terminal status with full stevedoring service available. The port is open 363 days a year from 03:00 to 22:00 daily. The port also has a 100,000 storage area, where we can offer storage facilities to the transport industry.

What are the main cargo and routes Rosslare Europort will serve?

Rosslare Europort serves many routes and operators out of the port. We currently facilitate the shortest direct sea route to the continent via Cherbourg in France with Stena Line. We also serve four daily sailings between Rosslare and GB with Stena Line to Fishguard and Irish ferries to Pembroke. As well as our general freight we facilitate trade vehicles from Le Havre, France and Santander, Spain with Neptune Lines. We also facilitate different types of bulk cargo vessels which carry everything from timber to wind turbines.

However, our goal in Rosslare Europort is to maximise the capacity within the port and meet the needs of the transport industry. Rosslare Europort will be fully focused on increasing routes and operators in 2020 as we have the capacity, land, road and rail network to alleviate congestion and play a vital role in the continued growth of our economy. Rosslare Europort serves as a hub to connect both the land bridge and sea bridge routes between continental Europe and all counties of Ireland whilst also offering the opportunity for businesses to reduce their shipping carbon footprint by using a rail freight shipment solution.

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