Indirect Representation Problems – the Custran Solution

From January 1st this year Irish exporters have been required to make Irish export declarations for their goods when they are shipped to Britain. Many of these exporters are supplying large customers in Britain who tend to dictate the terms of trade to the seller in Ireland. As it benefits the British importer, Irish sellers are typically required to ship their goods Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) and therefore, must also account for the import in Britain.


If the Irish exporter has operations in GB with a footprint with respect to business address, tax registration, EORI numbers etc. then they can make British import declarations in their own name. However, if the Irish exporter does not have a GB footprint and are faced with selling their goods under the INCOTERM DDP, then they have a real issue.

The only remaining way for Irish companies to process British import declarations in such a scenario, is to employ the services of a customs agent to make the declaration on their behalf as an “indirect representative”.  Indirect representation is where the agent acts in their own name and on behalf of the customer. Legal responsibilities differ from direct representation and the customs agent accepts joint responsibility for the import taxes.  It follows that indirect agents carry out more due diligence on the company requiring their support.

The Custran Solution:

Custran has partnered with UK based customs agents, Custom House (Transit) Ltd. and its sister company Assured Customs Declarations Ltd. to deliver an indirect representation solution to Irish exporters for goods destined for the UK. Irish exporters can make their export declaration on Custran. We provide training and software so you and your team can get up to speed making your own export declarations quickly. The Custom House will then make the GB import declaration for your goods.

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