Greener Logistics & Social Responsibility – Rhenus Group

The Rhenus Group takes its social responsibility seriously.  Environmental protection and resource conservation are an integral part of successful business operations.  The long-term view of our family business makes it possible to research new solutions & technologies and to invest in them and put them to the test.  For example:

By Road:
Germany have 6 x 40-tonne trucks CO2, savings 400 tonnes (up to 90 %) per annum.  Read more.

By Air:
RHEGREEN:  World‘s 1st CO2 Reduction Programme for Airfreight
This calculates which aircraft is most efficient in terms of CO2 emissions per route where CO2 reduction of 10-40% per shipment can be achieved.  External party validates the transparency and independency of the calculation method.  Currently available from and to selected airports, RHEGREEN will expand to more destinations and we plan to roll out worldwide within the Rhenus network.

By Sea:
Operating in the Hamburg area, Greenliner push barges now replace x180 trucks reducing urban traffic and emissions. Read more.

Rhenus-Arkon-Shipinvest shipping company has set up its own ecological short sea fleet with orders for the first four environmentally-friendly vessels known as ‘Hanse Eco Short Sea Coasters’ due in the second half of 2021.

Based on the latest developments related to environmental protection and digitalization. Read more.

Our warehouses are adapting, with more and more solar panels, LED lighting and other greener initiatives.

For example, Rhenus Contract Logistics’ facility in NL-Tilburg was nominated for the BREEAM Award 2019 scoring an incredible 99.48% and deemed it the most sustainable industrial building in the world.  Read more.

BREEAM: Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.