Frigo Warehousing B.V – New logistics hotspot in Moerdijk relieves kilometre pressure on the road

Frigo Warehousing B.V. (owner of Easyfresh Ireland) is currently working hard on the construction of a distribution centre in the port of Moerdijk. The distribution centre will be equipped with a veterinary inspection point, making a stop in Rotterdam for import goods such as fish and meat unnecessary.

The goods that are shipped via Frigo containers, travel to Turkey and Ireland, and everything in between. The various temperatures in which the goods can be transported, are from -25 to +15 degrees. Products vary from meat, fish, pizza to chips, frozen vegetables, wine, olive oil and canned food. In the new warehouse that is now being built, it’s even possible to store frozen tuna at -60 degrees.

With the construction of the distribution centre, Frigo wants to bring as much inland shipping as possible directly to Moerdijk.

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