Digicom Changing the Face of Customs

Digicom; a newly developed, innovative, and seamless customs platform is set to revolutionise the supply chain industry for good. Designed to streamline a multi-platform process into one easy log-in for users, with everything you need to complete a movement in one place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: reducing cost and labour requirements for your business.

Digicom is accessible for everyone from sole traders to industry giants: All can reap the benefits of this service, allowing organisations to move goods legally, efficiently, and easily. Every new customer that avails of the Digicom service is offered a full training package for their staff members, to ensure that every team member is fully educated on how to use the Digicom system. Our team are always there to assist you from start to finish.

Brigid Derry, founder of Digicom said:

The Digicom platform is not just an innovative piece of technology that does the work for us, but also serves as an educational tool, a business-boosting mechanism, and a reliable, dependable technological addition to the everyday lives of business owners and staff members across the world. We don’t want to provide a complicated, difficult system that causes more confusion within the industry. We want to connect with businesses and use our experience to help them succeed and positively contribute to the growth and future of our field. Innovation, collaboration, and dependability are at the core of the Digicom ethos.”

With a cost-effective three-tier pricing system, you can tailor your Digicom plan to suit your budgetary needs. You can choose to have full support from a highly experienced Digicom team, or to have total use and control of the platform, allowing businesses the chance to improve your customer experience and build fantastic brand visibility for your business. With the offer of an impressive white-label system, you can customise the branding, logos, and colours on the system to suit your business, boosting your brand credibility and allowing your business to have its own autonomy while always being able to avail of help from our specialised team.

The system currently provides fantastic solutions that comply with HMRC and Irish Revenue regulations. It is connected directly to CDS, TSS, Government Gateway and more, supporting all major processes required to make any movement from NI, GB & ROI.

With bespoke solutions and an end-to-end process, the Digicom system creates a seamless user experience.

You can complete Imports / Exports, TSS / Supp Decs, PBN / GMR, IPAFFS / Ched’s, FFDS / SFDS, ENS / EXS, Transits, Inventory Linking and Onward Planning.

Additionally, the system includes single entry for multiple declarations, built-in commodity code checker, automated P&R restrictions, bulk upload options, digital reporting, and an automated smart customs service. These features are designed to ensure you have everything you need to complete a movement whilst minimising the risk of inaccurate reporting.

In an industry that never sleeps, we have answered this by providing a highly experienced team of customs experts on call at your fingertips and combined this expertise with innovative technology to help you position your business and brand as a leader. For more information, get in touch with the team and let us show you how Digicom could change how you do your customs.

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