National Export Hub

A dedicated Hub Manger will assess the export readiness of businesses attending the NEC breakfasts and work with a number of these to help identify export opportunities and work with them on their export glide path. The National Export Hub will also help companies to identify and connect with appropriate support channels acting as a signpost to the various supports available.

The National Export Hub will aim to: 

  • Develop and significantly enhance the practical help and support available to all Irish based exporters
  • Increase access amongst SMEs to experienced exporters and to expert help
  • Increase the resources available to SME’s in order to assist them to start exporting or to grow their exports effectively
  • Act as a signpost for all available export supports
  • Increase the number of Irish based businesses who are exporting
  • Support exporters on each step of their export journey

Launch pic with Minister Bruton

The Export Knowledge Programme

On 21st January 2016, the National Export Hub in partnership with InterTradeIreland  launched a new initiative called the ‘Export Knowledge’ programme.  This is a two-phase programme which aims to take participants through an educational and support led journey to improve their capability to export into existing and/or new markets on the Island of Ireland and internationally.

In addition;

InterTradeIreland has developed a number of programmes to assist SME’s to develop their capability to export on a cross-border basis.  Participants on this programme will be able to avail of the services offered by InterTradeIreland to identify new cross-border opportunities on the island of Ireland.

Following submission of an application form and satisfaction of the basic eligibility criteria, the programme will be structured as follows:

Phase 1 – Export Readiness Assessment

An initial Export Readiness assessment will be carried out on the business.  The purpose of this process is to ensure that the business has the required organisational structure, culture and resources to support growth and entry into new export markets.  This may involve a visit to the premises for a review and assessment of the following areas:

Product/Service Range Capacity to Scale
Export Market Knowledge International Sales Competency
Management Commitment Current sales and marketing practices
Distribution structure and routes to market


Subject to a successful outcome to the export readiness assessment, companies are selected to participate in phase 2 of the programme.  If a business is not chosen to participate in phase 2, it will receive a report with an assessment of it’s export readiness, together with advice and action points on how to improve it’s ability to enter export markets at a future date.

Phase 2 – Export Workshops

This phase comprises the learning/mentoring component of the programme.  Each business will participate in six/seven full day Export workshops and participate in two themed roundtables providing an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

The final programme of workshops will be determined by the export ready audit findings.  It is envisaged that these workshops will occur once a month over a seven month period.

Phase 3 – Review and Final Evaluation

The final phase will measure and evaluate the outcome of the mentoring / learning achieved through the programme.  This process will establish what stage of the export glide path each business is at, the potential for future export growth and the increase in sales in current or new export markets.

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Please note, the January 2017 course is now fully subscribed.