Benefits to my organisation

Build Trust – Win more business

A GMP Manufacturer Licence Holder is fully responsible for ensuring that any third party contractor involved in the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical and medical device products is fully compliant with the terms of the GMP Licence Holder.

Build trust and win more business.

By dealing with an accredited GDP Passport Certified Company, the manufacturer is ensuring that only bona fide operators are transporting, handling and storing their products in accordance with the regulatory guidelines, thereby helping to ensure patient safety.

International Compliance

There is an increased international focus on ensuring the integrity of the supply chain from a regulatory perspective and also reducing the proliferation of counterfeit medicines.

International Compliance through Good Distribution Practice.

The GDP Passport has been developed in consultation with the Irish Medicine Board (IMB), and follows international guidelines and regulations. All of the training has been designed to meet the training requirements as set out in the IMB’s GDP Guidelines Wholesaler Authorisation and the requirements set out under European Guidelines and International Regulations.

Demonstrates Credibility

A GDP Passport Certified Organisation is able to demonstrate sound management and quality systems and the use of trained and competent personnel.

Reduce Costs

Cost savings will be made through increased productivity and security and reduced risk mainly.