Food and Drink Export Ireland is a division of the Irish Exporters Association Ltd., which assists food and drink companies to grow, develop and gain access to new export markets.

Our mission is to support Irish food companies to access international markets by:

  • Seeking maximum Government support to help businesses find new markets and develop existing ones.
  • The removal of barriers that impede Irish companies when attempting to access overseas markets.
  • The elimination of risk in transacting international business.
  • The provision of training programmes under such projects as Access 6.
  • Networking opportunity events.

The IEA Food & Drink Export activities are driven by an industry-led council of key exporters.

The IEA Food and Drink Council has three main aims:

  • Represent the views, interests and needs of indigenous food and drink exporters.
  • Provide a forum for food and drink exporters to meet and hear presentations on themes relevant to the sector.
  • Give guidance to the IEA on sales development programmes for food and drink companies.

Seminars are held on a regular basis on relevant topics that also provide a platform for member companies to network and share experiences. The division facilitates the running of the Dublin Food Chain. This is a joint initiative with the four Dublin Local Enterprise Offices. Food and Drink Export Ireland has been approved funding for one programme currently: Access 6.