Judging Criteria


Judging Criteria

The Export Industry Awards judging panel is drawn from the private and public sectors comprising of experts with international business experience. All information supplied by each applicant will be treated as strictly confidential with all judges signing an NDA agreement before the process commences. Each category has their specific criteria as outlined in the Categories & Sponsors section.

Areas applicants should focus on include:

  • Export growth achieved and the ability to sustain that growth;
  • Evidence of sustainable competitive advantage;
  • Value and contribution to the exporting sector and intention for business expansion or reason for not expanding;
  • The degree of innovation;
  • The overall company commitment to international business;
  • Highlight one key positive step the business has taken towards Sustainable Trade

How  you might differentiate your company from your competitors?

  • Provide an elevator pitch for the judges to understand the breadth of your business;
  • Provide key factors why the nominated company / principal products / services should be selected for an award;
  • Indicate your product/service’s competitive edge in the marketplace;
  • Comment on the extent to which your nominated organisation, product, service or process is externally recognised as an exemplar.

Growth & Innovation

  • The judges will be looking at the structure of your export/international operations and systems to effectively respond to export/international sales as well as whether your company is appropriately resourced for export expansion;
  • Judges will be looking for clear statements that indicate the soundness of your company’s financial strategy for international business;
  • Mention the key obstacles which you have had to overcome in expanding your business internationally and clearly state your key results;
  • The judges are also looking for demonstration of innovative techniques and/or use of technology;
  • The judges will assess the level and sustainability of international sales;
  • Explain your company’s strategy in gaining a secure foothold in any new markets or how you enhanced brand in established markets.

Strategic Development & Execution

  • The judges will assess the viability of your business, its product/service and how successful your company’s exports/international business activities have been this year. Make sure you clearly state what your export/international successes have been for the current year;
  • The judges will be looking at the quality of your marketing strategy and how you maximise your international competitive advantage. In your key markets, what did you do to secure international contracts and market acceptance? What actions did you take? – e.g. product adaptation to meet customer preferences, building relationships with distributors and buyers, addressing cultural issues in marketing materials and products, attending trade events, techniques to overcoming buyer resistance;
  • The judges will be looking for evidence of your company’s commitment to international business. What are your export plans for the coming year (e.g. new markets, additional staff, and different marketing strategies);
  • Provide a short summary of key factors why the nominated company / principal products / services should be selected for an award.