Customs Digital Offering


In February 2018, the IEA announced BDO Customs and International Trade Services (BDO) and Rhenus Logistics Ireland as sponsors of the organisation’s online customs services offering. Through a series of newsletters in 2018, the IEA, BDO and Rhenus Logistics Ireland offered IEA members advice and assistance on exporting overseas and importing into Ireland on customs and trade. The online offering will keep IEA members and stakeholders informed of important country and sector specific information, supply chain, trade compliance, legislative updates and provide practical support and advice on customs issues.

The Customs newsletter is an exclusive opportunity to be at the forefront of the IEA customs service offering:

  • Promote and position your organisation as a leading service provider advising and assisting Irish Exporters to do business overseas and importers into Ireland on customs and trade.
  • Your corporate logo will appear on all promotional material exclusive to the 4 IEA Customs newsletters, the customs section of our weekly e-zine “This Week at the IEA” which goes out to over 2,000 subscribers, website pages and other promotional material related to customs.
  • Your company will be invited to submit a minimum of 3 articles for each customs newsletter which will be issued by the IEA to all members, linked to the IEA website and customs section of our weekly e-zine “This Week at the IEA”. The type, length and form of these articles are at the discretion of your organisation e.g. thought leadership, Q&A, general content update.
  • The IEA will issue a press release and organise an exclusive photocall with your organisation in relation to the signing of a sponsorship agreement and circulate to members and relevant press/media. Photos will be made available to your organisation for your own marketing purposes.
  • Coverage on the IEA website provided by your organisation.
  • Your company logo and contact information on the created website pages.

If you are interested in this initiative please contact vickicaplin@irishexporters.ie