Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

The AEO is a standard issued by customs administrations in the EU to businesses involved in the import and export of goods. This AEO status certifies that businesses have reached certain standards in relation to their security arrangements, management systems, compliance with customs rules and procedures and on-going solvency.

 Having become certified, Irish companies will be given very attractive benefits such as a low security risk, customs simplifications, very low examination rates and priority clearance of goods.

In summary, imports and exports can be cleared through customs with the minimum of formality removing any potential for costly delays.

Becoming AEO certified also secures a company’s supply chain from any shocks resulting from future disruption to trade flows since goods of AEO certified traders will continue to flow without interruption.

AEO certification also provides valuable benefits for Irish companies exporting to China, Japan and the US. This is so because the EU and those three countries have agreed to mutually recognise each others AEO programmes. At present, Customs Authorities in these three countries provide a number of trade facilitation measures for EU AEO certified exporters such as simplification of procedures, priority treatment and lower examination rates on goods allowing for the fast-tracking of goods at import.

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