COVID-19: Work Safely Guidance


COVID-19: Work Safely Guidance

The IEA is committed to stopping the spread of Covid-19. We are working with members to ensure that workplaces develop and follow Covid-19 response plans. The Government is reminding employers that all staff who can do so, should continue to work from home while current restrictions remain in place. Read more here

On this page members will find key recourses to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

  • The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has recently updated the Remote Working Checklist for Employers. The new update includes the introduction of a new section on remote work culture. This section outlines the key considerations required for those enterprises adopting remote working models. The checklist also highlights the new guidance published by Enterprise Ireland in this are
  • The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment published the National Return to Work Safely Protocol. Under the Protocol, businesses should develop/update a Covid-19 response plan. Induction training for employees on public health guidance and appointing at least one worker representative to ensure measures are being strictly adhered to, are just some on the measures included in the Protocol. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will carry out inspections and can shut down businesses that are not complying. Read the Protocol here
  • The HSA have published guidance for workplaces to follow here and have an online course on on the operation of the Work Safely Protocol here
  • Public Health Messaging video is available to download here
  • Work Safely cleaning posters are available to download:
    • General Work Safely employee poster and checklist and an employer poster
    • Cleaning surfaces video guidance here
    • Cleaning surfaces posters here
    • A wide variety of COVID-19 awareness posters, booklets and videos are available via the HSE link here
    • Physical Distancing during lunch breaks guidance in English and Irish
    • Work Safely Ventilation guidance video here
    • Physical Distancing in the workplace poster: