Sustainable Supply Chains Training: Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction is a practical and interactive course that trains participants on how to set ambitious yet realistic emissions reductions targets in their organisations and provides guidance on the best tools for adoption inhouse. The course provides a practical and actionable roadmap for achieving emissions targets reductions in line with corporate sustainability strategy and Ireland’s ambitious targets as set out in the Climate Action Act 2021.

The Carbon Reduction training workshop consists of 8 modules:

Module 1: Why Reduce Emissions?

Module 1 provides a review of the legislation on climate change and the scale of the challenge to meet our national emissions targets despite the predicted growth in trade volumes to 2030 and beyond.

 Module 2: The Business Case

Module 2 will outline the benefits to businesses on taking steps to reduce their emissions. Participants will be introduced to case studies and strategies highlighting the potential savings to companies with ambitious emissions reductions strategies.

 Module 3: Avoid

Module 3 will outline ways in which companies can avoid or reduce their freight volumes to reduce their emissions. Strategies such as adopting circular economy practices, avoiding empty running and energy and fuel efficiency measures will be explored.

 Module 4: Shift

Module 4 will focus on options for companies to shift to more sustainable modes of transport including electric vehicles, cargo eBikes, drones and other new technologies.

 Module 5: Improve

Module 5 will outline what improvements and emissions savings can be gained by smarter use of existing transport options. Guidance will be provided to participants on how to reduce emissions by training truck drivers in eco-driving skills and other practical measures.

 Module 6: Fuels

Module 6 will outline the emissions impact of fuels, progress on the electrification of light and heavy goods vehicles and the prospects of emerging technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

 Module 7: Scope 3 – Supply Chain

Module 7 will provide practical guidance on reducing scope 3 carbon emissions from supply chain activities including outsourced transport and logistics. Examples of carbon footprinting from using the UK landbridge versus shipping directly from Ireland to mainland Europe will be compared as well as case studies of positive collaboration between manufacturers and logistics partners.

 Module 8: Tools to Scale Up

Module 8 will provide guidance on practical tools that companies can use to create an effective action plan to reduce their emissions.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the legislative landscape and the business case for reducing carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.
  • Learn how to integrate greenhouse emissions targets into organisational strategy.
  • Learn how to set ambitious but achievable targets and how to ensure these targets are met.
  • Learn of ‘avoid, shift, and improve’ strategies for reducing emissions.
  • Learn the practical steps for reducing supply chain emissions including adopting alternative fuels and sustainable transport, near-sourcing of materials, alternative shipping routes, circular economy practices and sustainable procurement and investment practices.
  • Learn of the practical tools available for companies to use inhouse to calculate and reduce their supply chain emissions.

Who should attend

The course would suit a broad range of professionals from any business involved in international trade including:

  • Senior Management
  • Heads of Sustainability and Sustainability Officers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Any staff involved in carbon reduction strategies or practices

Fee for one training workshop:

IEA Members: €349 / Non-Members: €449

*A subsidised rate for this training is available to companies based in the Republic of Ireland through CILT Skillnet.

Course Bundle Deals: 


2 workshops: €649

3 workshops: €899

4 workshops: €1099


2 workshops: €849

3 workshops: €1199

4 workshops: €1499

*Book one person and one additional colleague from your organisation can join for free.

Contact Niamh or Paul on 01-661 2182 / to avail of a bundle deal or to add an additional person.

Each participant will be awarded by a digital badge certificate awarded by the Irish Exporters Association. The digital badge contains verifiable data on skills attained and can be downloaded for use in digital CVs, e-portfolios and email signatures and for sharing on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Niamh Reynolds or Paul Corbett on 01 661 2182 or

location Location location Date time Time
Online - WebEx October 13, 2022 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


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