National Brexit Series

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA), today is delighted to announce the launch of its National Brexit Series for small and micro businesses. The IEA believes that the 30,000 plus small businesses that trade with the UK will be seriously impacted by Brexit, and must use 2020 to prepare.  This new educational programme is aimed at supporting and promoting practical on the job learning, to meet the growing skillset required for anyone working with customs regulations, whilst understanding the key issues affecting business.

The 2020 programme will begin with a Regional Series of training seminars for small and micro companies in the wholesale, retail, manufacturing, food and artisan sectors, who may source from or sell directly to customers in the UK, or transit their products via the UK to or from the European market.  The half-day session, which will be delivered by former Head of the Revenue Customs Division will be held online on the 23rd March.

The seminar will be divided into three parts and will provide:

  1. A general understanding of what the imposition of customs on Ireland-UK trade post Brexit means for your business
  2. Some practical advice to overcome new challenges
  3. An opportunity for Q&A
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Online March 23, 2020 Half Day: 9.30 am - 12 pm

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