Supply Chain Roundtable – Tullamore Dew

By Invitation Only: IEA Supply Chain Series Exporters Roundtable  

Addressing Ireland’s transport and infrastructure challenges

Thursday, 9th of May 2019 – Tullamore Dew

As an established exporter in the area, we would like to invite you to take part in an exporters-only regional event.

This meeting will explore and discuss the key challenges Irish exporters, in particular in the Midlands region, are facing around access to transport and infrastructure. As an island nation, Ireland is crucially dependent on high-class, fast and cost-effective transport connections to the European market, global distribution hubs on the continent as well as direct routes to key markets around the world.

This Supply Chain Series Roundtable will address current and future challenges in transport and infrastructure such as access to cost-efficient multimodal haulage, connectivity, warehousing as well as autonomous transport.

By attending you will be part of a regional discussion on advancing the growth of international sales from the region. You will grow your network and learn from these lively Roundtable discussions. The findings will feed into the development of the IEA’s public affairs activity, in particular, policy submissions to government, and ensure that the IEA as an organisation is addressing topics right through the supply chain which are of critical importance to your business.


Date: Thursday 9th of May 2019

Time: 11.00: Tullamore DEW kindly offered a tour a of the Operational site | 12:00 – 14:30 roundtable with working lunch provided

Venue: Tullamore DEW, Bury Quay, Tullamore, Co.Offaly

RSVP: by clicking here to register your interest. 

Please note: Space limited and invitations limited to one per company.

Note: Further info regarding transport/parking, etc., to be circulated in advance.

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TBC May 9, 2019 11.00 am to 2.30 pm

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