In 2008, the Irish Exporters Association established the Asia Trade Forum (ATF) to create an awareness of Asia amongst Irish exporters and promote new strategies for Irish exporters to build trade with Asian markets. It arose from the Irish Government’s Asia-Pacific Strategy and its role was to develop new strategies and to assist Irish exporters to develop new business and real growth in all of the Asian markets, promoting stronger links generally between Asia and Ireland, but most particularly in China, India, Japan, ASEAN and the Republic of Korea.

The IEA’s vision is for Ireland to emerge as one of Asia’s preferred trading partners for EU trade. Over the past four years we have seen significant improvement in our exports to Asia which have increased from 4% of total Irish Exports to over 8% of total exports.

While the ATF programme itself finished in December 2015, the IEA continues to assist its members in building trade with Asia by:

  • Working closely with government as well as the business community both in Ireland and overseas to help Irish businesses to get to know Asia better and for Asia to get to know Ireland better
  • Connecting successful practitioners to inspire and assist others to realise their potential in these markets, and
  • Highlighting the obstacles to Asian trade growth and working consistently determinedly with government to remove them.

Between 2012 and 2015 alone, the Irish Exporters Association has organised and hosted 35+ Asia focused events, ranging from Ambassador roundtables to sector and regional seminars, market visits to delegation meetings.

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