Fostering Irish exporters in the West of Ireland


Western Regional Council

The IEA Western Regional Council brings together selected business from the exporting industry in the in the Cannaught Region.  

The Regional Council establishes a close connection between the IEA and its regional members, providing businesses with networking opportunities. This close connection allows members to engage directly with the IEA to find and develop specific solutions challenges facing our members on a day-to-day basis.

  • Provide a local focal point of contact to members
  • Act as an advocate for the Connaught Region
  • Act as an advocate for local export needs and requirements
  • Provide a local networking platform

The IEA Western Regional Council meets regularly and consists of 8-10 setting members. Companies from the wider Western Region may also be imitated on occasions.

For more information about the Regional Council or to register your interest to getting involved contact:

AnnMarie O’Brien

Public Affairs and Communications Officer


Tel: 01 642 4171

West Regional Council

John Carr