I have had occasion to use the services of the Consular Services team at various times during the year. They were extremely professional and efficient in the dealings I have had with them. It is a great facility to have in support of the Irish export sector.

Genzyme Corporation, a Sanofi Company 

Having dealt with both Niamh and Daniel in the Consular Department for the past few years, they are an essential part for the ease at which Health Registration files for exports can be progressed and completed. From covering countries in South America to Asia and nearer, each country having a different outlook on their requirements, they offer invaluable support with their outstanding knowledge.

 –Helen O’Shea, First Ireland Spirits

I have used the Visa application service provided by the Irish Exporters Association on a number of occasions from a professional capacity and the service provided by both Daniel and Niamh has been extremely helpful, efficient and accommodating even at short notice.  The service ensures fast and accurate turnaround of applications.

Noelle Casey, Sales Analyst & Assistant, Valeo Vision Systems