“Need for greater coherence to achieve carbon targets” – IEA CEO Simon McKeever

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) is calling for greater coherence and coordination between industry and Government to have the best chance of achieving the ambitious carbon budget targets proposed by the Climate Change Advisory Council and overall national efforts as already legislated for in the Climate Action Act 2021. The Association recognises that achieving targets will be a challenge however, changes to the way in which we live, and work must be made if we are to alleviate the climate crisis.

Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association Simon McKeever commented: “It is in all of our interests to address the climate crisis and this means fundamentally changing the way in which we live and work. We can either adapt to meet those changes to lessen the impact of climate change or fail to and worsen the situation at hand.

Changes are coming and industry will need a lot of assistance to make the required transition . Like with everything, meaningful change is only possible with cooperation and coordination beginning with good communication and this is why we feel that greater cohesion and synergies between industry, civil society and Government is necessary.

We need to approach the climate crisis in the same way we addressed Brexit and are dealing with Covid-19. This means bringing those impacted together to call out the challenges and thrash out workable solutions.”