“Businesses Brexit preparedness plans are as relevant today as ever before” – Simon McKeever, CEO Irish Exporters Association

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) is calling on its members and the wider business community to ensure that businesses Brexit preparedness plans are still in place for the United Kingdom’s full withdrawal from the European Union at the end of this year. The Association’s comments come as the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier (today) stated that “serious divergences remain” following a week of restricted talks between both sides.

Chief Executive Simon McKeever commented: “I am growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of the UK exiting the EU on 31 December with a very narrow trade deal or no trade deal at all and how this will impact Irish exporters and the Irish economy as a whole.

At a time when all efforts are focused on dealing with the COVID-19 fallout and how multifaceted that response is, I have concerns about the other shock – Brexit – coming down the line soon. I call on the new Government to continue the solid role it has played in the process to date and engage in an awareness campaign on what is to come, including developing worst case scenario preparedness plans for businesses, as soon as possible.

 Businesses Brexit preparedness plans are as relevant today as ever before. These plans need to be dusted down and reflected in any business strategy that businesses are executing. “