Irish Exporters Association renews its call on Government to prepare plans for economic restart

Thursday 26 March 2020: The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) is highly concerned about the economic fallout due to COVID-19. The representative body has previously highlighted the need for the Government to consider and prepare measures to kickstart the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19. Today’s Economic and Social Research Institute’s (ESRI) projection that the economy could shrink by at least 7.1% this year, supports the IEA’s lead on this issue. The IEA commended the work of Government to date but warns that work must commence on an economic strategy for the future.

Simon McKeever, Chief Executive, Irish Exporters Association commented: “In a letter to An Taoiseach last week, the IEA called for the Government to establish a Cabinet Sub-Committee led by Senior Ministers that would form a national strategy to restart the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19. It is unclear when such measures will need to be in place, but work is needed now. The ESRI’s projection is a stark warning to us all on what is to come. The economic damage left by COVID-19 will be felt globally. We need to ensure that Ireland is to the forefront on bringing forward policies and measures that would ease the economic fallout and find a way forward in the interest of all businesses.”