Maximising German export opportunities

German Ambassador Potzel speaks at IEA event on exporting to Germany

Dublin, 20 June 2019: The Irish Exporters Association, in coordination with the German Embassy Dublin, this morning hosted a high-level event on the German export opportunities for Irish exporters. The IEA’s Markets Networks Initiative supports exporters in exploring overseas market opportunities and provides them with the know-how to successfully exploit new business opportunities.   

Opening this the event, Simon McKeever, Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association, said: “With a population of more than 82 million and Europe’s strongest economy, the German market offers boundless opportunities for Irish exporters. As members of the Single Market and the eurozone, Irish businesses enjoy almost frictionless trade with customers and supply chain partners in Germany. Benefiting from the single currency and a single regulatory rulebook, our bilateral goods trade has enjoyed significant growth, increasing by more than 70% since 2014.

According to the CSO, Germany is Ireland’s second largest market for services and fourth largest destination for Irish goods exports, with medicinal and pharmaceutical trade exceeding €9.1b in 2018. In addition, Irish dairy and meat products are becoming increasingly popular.

With the continued uncertainties surrounding Brexit and its potential impacts on Irish exports, Germany and, in fact, the entire eurozone, are crucial to manufacturers’ impact mitigation market and supply chain diversification strategies.

We are delighted to welcome Ambassador Deike Potzel this morning for the inside scoop on how to succeed in the thriving, multicultural and diverse society and economy Germany has become over the past decades.”



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About the Irish Exporters Association:

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) assists its members to grow their exports to world markets. We drive and support the growth and development of all exporting businesses based in Ireland. Going forward we have realigned and redeveloped our strategy to support our members to grow their exports to world markets and in 2018, the IEA will perform 3 main functions:

  • Representthe needs of members in the development of policy, lobbying, intervention at government level and in the media. Brexit and the Diversification of Export Markets, Cost Competitiveness, the War for Talent and Entrepreneurship are at the core.
  • Trade Servicesinclude practical training, support and consultancy right across the supply chain including customs awareness and audits, export and import compliance, consular, business travel support, route to market and general assistance with trade related queries.
  • Knowledge Networkswill support members to: explore new markets, route to market scenario planning, understand customs and supply chain challenges and provide thought leadership through a series of events and webinars. Networking and connectivity remain an important part of membership benefits.

The IEA represent the whole spectrum of companies within the export industry including SME’s who are beginning to think about exporting for the first time right through to global multinational companies who are already extensively exporting from Ireland as well as the providers of key services to the sector. It is the connecting force for Irish exporters, providing practical knowledge and support across the Island of Ireland and in foreign markets.