Risk of No-deal Brexit on 12th April now extremely high

IEA calls on Irish exporters to use remaining time to fully prepare

Dublin, 29th March 2019: The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) notes with regret today’s repeated negative vote by the UK House of Commons on the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. With only two weeks remaining until the extended deadline of 12th April, the risk of a no-deal Brexit has now become acute. We call on Irish exporters to use the remaining two weeks to prepare as fully as possible for a no-deal Brexit.

Responding to this afternoon’s vote, Simon McKeever, Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association, said: “We note with regret this afternoon’s repeated rejection of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement by the UK House of Commons. The probability of a disorderly no-deal Brexit on the new deadline of 12th April 11pm (IST) has now become critical.

The UK Government now has until 10th April to inform the European Council of a meaningful way forward to avail of a potential long-term extension. In light of the continued fundamentally divided political landscape in the UK, and uncertainty over the UK’s participation in the upcoming European Parliament elections on 23-26th May 2019, how a solution can be found by the 12th April remains unclear.

Irish businesses trading with, or transiting goods through the United Kingdom should now use the remaining two weeks to fully prepare for the full impact of a no-deal Brexit kicking in on 12th April.”



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