Irish Exporters Association launch first AEO training programme in Ireland for importers and exporters

Training initiative will assist exporters and importers in reaching best practice in international supply chain

Dublin, 24th May 2018: The Irish Exporters Association (IEA), the representative body supporting the Irish export industry, yesterday announced a new training initiative on Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status to support importers and exporters to comply with the Union Customs Code (UCC)and to modernise and enhance the way in which goods flow across the international supply chain.

The IEA AEO course is the first of its kind offered in Ireland and will be delivered through a series of 1-day workshops. Attendees will learn how to perform AEO self-assessment, gap analysis and risk assessment, providing businesses with the tools they need to independently develop, apply for and maintain AEO status. The course was launched yesterday at the inaugural training workshop on this exciting new initiative which took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santry.

AEO is a standard issued by customs administrations in the EU to businesses involved in the import and export of goods. AEO status certifies that businesses have reached certain standards in relation to their security arrangements, management systems, compliance with customs rules and procedures and on-going solvency. Being AEO certified will provide companies with very attractive benefits such as: a low security risk; customs simplifications; very low examination rates; priority clearance of goods; and significant financial savings on various customs bonds.

Simon McKeever, Chief Executive, Irish Exporters Association commented: “AEO certification, or ‘trusted trader’ status as its commonly known, means that imports and exports can be cleared through customs with the minimum of formality removing the potential for costly delays. As of today, there are 146 live AEO operators registered in Ireland. This figure is predicted to increase exponentially over the coming years given stipulations in the UCC, as well as potential solutions to the non-tariff barriers that are likely to arise if the UK becomes a third country in a post Brexit scenario.

Becoming AEO certified secures a company’s supply chain from any shocks resulting from future disruption to trade flows since goods of AEO certified traders will continue to flow without interruption. Also, due to Mutual Recognition agreements, AEO certification provides valuable benefits for Irish companies trading with Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Andorra, the US and China. Further negotiations are currently taking place or will be launched in the near future with the other most important trading partners.

The UCC will change the way AEO is viewed by customs authorities and will require manufacturers and/or distributors to be of an AEO standard in order to apply or maintain their future or current customs simplifications. Under the UCC there will be a complete shift to a paperless and fully electronic customs environment. AEO certification will make navigating this change for Irish industry easier and more efficient. More AEO certifications in Ireland will enhance the global reputation of Ireland Inc. from a customs and safety & security perspective.”

Course modules:

  1. AEO self-assessment, gap analysis and risk assessment; how to go about the planning processes and guidance on completing the self-assessment questionnaire
  2. Providing businesses with the tools to apply, maintain and develop AEO approval
  3. Key information relating to the practical impact of being an AEO
  4. Written procedures and internal processes required by businesses and how to link them into existing quality procedures and check lists
  5. How to plan and manage your AEO working groups across multiple departments
  6. The AEO application process
  7. AEO and the UCC and how this may increase the benefits of being an AEO and the effect of the new law on other authorisations and customs simplifications/procedures
  8. Maintaining AEO compliance – best practices impact of being an AEO

This course is targeted at individuals and teams employed by logistics/forwarding companies and global manufacturers who need to understand how to obtain and maintain AEO certification in Ireland:

  1. Managers responsible for customs, trade, quality and compliance
  2. Financial Directors and Managers
  3. Supply Chain and logistics professionals
  4. Security managers who are responsible for compliance with AEO safety and security

The IEA is expanding its well established suite of training courses with this new offering, adding to the extensive list of courses, including:

  • Customs Awareness (Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Brexit for your Supply Chain
  • Incoterms 2010® Dublin
  • Warehouse Strategy
  • Introduction to Dual Use Export Control
  • Temperature Controlled Logistics
  • Food Law/Labelling
  • Quality SOP Procedure
  • GDP Passport
  • Customs Healthcheck

For more information on IEA training courses see:

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Eligibility criteria

  • Company must be a registered small business (250 employees or less) with either an annual turnover < €50m
  • The assistance requested must relate to a cross-border issue
  • You must be a manufacturing or internationally tradable service company

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