A&T Transport awarded GDP Passport accreditation

Life Sciences International, a division of the Irish Exporters Association (IEA), this morning awarded A&T Transport with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Passport. The award was presented by Fiona Luciani, Training Division Manager at the IEA to A&T Transport at their head office in Swords, Co. Dublin.

The GDP Passport, a training initiative by the IEA is the first of its kind and ensures patient safety by compliance throughout all stages of the supply chain which safeguards the quality of medicinal products. Manufacturers can now ensure that pharmaceutical and medical devices / products are transported, stored and handled according to GDP regulations and guidelines by dealing with GDP Passport holders only. The GDP Passport involves training all levels of personnel involved in the supply chain. The key to success is the full suite of standardised and certified training which is to be undertaken by all those engaged either directly by the manufacturer or indirectly by the service provider in distribution activities. The GDP Passport operates in four stages:

GDP Champion – nominate and train one Champion to oversee the GDP processes
GDP Introduction – train all key personnel (operations and warehouse employees) involved in supply chain
GDP Driver – train all drivers involved in transporting LifeSciences products
GDP Audit – an audit of the premises to ensure procedures are in place to meet the requirements of the GDP Passport Scheme which is subsequently reviewed and approved by the IEA Life Sciences Steering committee
Speaking about the GDP accreditation, Andrew Bruton, Director, A&T Transport stated: “A&T Transport are delighted to be awarded our GDP Passport for medical and Pharma industries, we feel it confirms our commitment to reach the highest standards within the transport industry.

We are hopeful this will compliment our modern 12,000sq feet warehouse facility and modern fleet of trucks and specialised trailers. We are confident we can offer new and existing customers a complete service that can meet their transport and warehousing needs.”

Speaking on the accreditation, Simon McKeever, Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association commented: “Good manufacturing practice and good distribution practice need to work hand in hand and vigilance by all concerned in the supply chain is vital to ensure patient safety. The number of subcontracted companies involved in the supply chain for biopharmaceutical products with different modes of transport and temperature control has increased significantly. Collaboration between all parties, including manufacturers, logistics service providers, ports and airports, is crucial to ensure anti-theft and anti-counterfeit procedures, product integrity and patient safety. The Irish Exporters Association has been at the forefront of informing the Irish pharma supply chain of their GDP requirements through the IEA GDP Passport initiative. The IEA GDP Passport certification has become the gold standard for GDP in Ireland with all leading logistics service providers in the field now having obtained certification. As the pharma sector has grown in Ireland, the IEA has played a key role in ensuring that companies can reach and exceed the required compliance role in assuring quality of the supply chain and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical device products.”