• Asia Trade Forum hosts Energy Seminar with Dr Shri B.S.Negi

    15 October 2015: The Asia Trade Forum (ATF), an initiative of the Irish Exporters Association this morning partnered with the Ireland India Business Association (IIBA) to give their members an insight into the current opportunities and challenges in the Asian market’s Energy, Construction and Engineering sector. Over 70 exporters and service providers attended this exclusive event to hear from Dr Shri B.S. Negi, leading international speaker and Regulator at the offices of ESB International.
    • Although the market is open to FDI, it can be challenging for some to develop relationships
    • Key growth sectors are IT, cleantech, renewables, exploration and production
    • Exporters should do specific market research before they can enter, grow or expand their business overseas
    • Asia’s Energy, Construction and Engineering sector is extremely dynamic. Ireland’s infrastructure development capability and IT innovation can add value

    Keynote speaker Dr B. S Negi commented: “Leverage Ireland’s expertise in green energy: India is seeking to build 100 new smart cities across the country by 2020. Ireland’s infrastructure development capability combined with its IT innovation will add value to partnerships in India. Companies like ESB International have over 40 years expertise in exporting Irish talent. There is huge potential for Irish grown expertise in India – particularly in the IT, cleantech and renewables sectors. Furthermore, in exploration and production, LNG and alternative supplies the opportunities for businesses in a country like Ireland are boundless”
    John Nevin, Chairman of the Asia Trade Forum commented: “The importance of the energy and infrastructure industries to both the Irish and Asian economies cannot be underestimated. We are delighted to be able to welcome Dr Shri B.S.Negi and hear first-hand the business opportunities and challenges for exporters in the Asian market. We are grateful to Etihad who sponsored Dr Shri B.S.Negi’s flights which enables him to come to Ireland and speak at our event.”
    Nilakanthi Ford, Chairperson of the Ireland India Business Association said: “Ireland and India have always shared many things in common including history, language, legal systems and values but despite that, trade and business between the two countries has remained well below its true potential. India is poised to become the third largest economy in the world and economists estimate that India will have the largest number of middle class people in the world by 2020, which will create significant opportunities for exporters from Ireland.”

    Ms. Ford continues, ‘There is opportunity for Ireland’s, now recovering, economy to capitalise on India’s opportunities. The visit of Prime Minister Modi and his meetings with The Irish Government will lead to us developing stronger links, and build on, not just the historic ties between India and Ireland but the significant potential trade opportunities for the two countries.”
    “India – the second largest country in the world is well positioned to become the third largest economy in the world. With a population of 1.2 billion some economists estimate that India will have the largest number of middle class people in the world by 2020. Ireland has still not woken up to the fact that the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September before he visited Silicon Valley or the UK, is extremely significant for Ireland. It is time to raise the priority of India as a destination for international trade at the highest level in Irish Government. Representation from companies with significant business interests in India should be included on the Global Irish Network Advisory Group. With the fourth Global Irish Economic Forum taking place in November, this is an ideal time for discussion and debate on how Ireland can capitalise on the opportunity of India.”

    Vincent Flynn, Manager of International Operations said that ESB International were delighted to host the Asia Trade Forum and welcomed the opportunity to share the experience ESB International has gained in the 30 years they have served in Asia. “ESB International provide leading engineering consultancy to utilities and governments all across the world and Asia continues to be a key market for us” says Vincent.