• Exporters Association presents Gold Medal to Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit at IEA President’s Lunch at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

    The Irish Exporters Association (IEA), the voice of the export industry in Ireland, presented its highest honour the Gold Medal Award to Paddy Cosgrave, Ci in recognition of the exceptional impact that he has made to the indigenous technology sector here in Ireland through the Web Summit and his achievements worldwide with Ci events such as Collision and RISE, based in Las Vegas and Hong Kong respectively. The lunch event, in association with Barclays Bank Ireland is attended by 300 guests from across a range of sectors including representatives from over 35 Embassies in Ireland.


    Simon McKeever, Chief Executive of the IEA commented: “We are delighted to honour Paddy Cosgrave with this prestigious award. Not only has he enjoyed significant personal success but in so doing, has made a material contribution to the Irish economy. The Web Summit has raised the profile of the Irish technology sector which has, in turn, enhanced Ireland’s reputation globally to the benefit of all Irish exporters. The IEA is delighted to present Paddy with the Gold Medal.”


    Speaking at the event, Hugh Kelly, President of the Irish Exporters Association stated: “Irish exports grew by €1 billion in May, up 15% on April. Export growth figures are flattered by a weak euro, low oil prices and near zero interest rates. These conditions will not persist indefinitely. We must be careful to nurture and respect what is still a fragile recovery so that momentum is built and not destroyed as we approach a general election.”


    “The IEA continues to advocate a genuine commitment from Government to (1) increasing our national cost competitiveness, (2) broadening our export base to increase the number of companies exporting, (3) diversifying our export markets so that our over-reliance on our traditional markets is reduced and we are appropriately focused on the long term opportunities presented by the Asian century, (4) improving access to finance so that growth opportunities will not be squandered for lack of working capital or asset finance, and (5) levelling the playing field for entrepreneurs and business owners who are still, bizarrely, penalised under our tax system for being innovators and job creators.”


    “The IEA is opposed to fixed cost pay increases at this time. The Government must stop allowing Unions to put the interests and protection of underperformers ahead of justly rewarding those who deliver genuine productivity improvements in the public sector. The Government has to be for ambition and aspiration as well as for compassion and care. We are calling on Government to evidence their commitment to this principle in actions as well as words.”


    Paddy Cosgrave, Recipient of the Gold Medal Award commented: “I would like to thank the President and the members of the IEA for this award. I would like to accept it, not for myself, but for my team at Ci. We are still a young start up, only five years old, and I am constantly surprised at how far we have come in such a short time. As a technology company, looking outward to overseas markets has always been an important part of our DNA. In 2015 we have looked to establish a solid presence in the US and Asian markets and with luck and planning we will expand into new territories in 2016. I am honoured to accept this award.”


    Helen Kelly, Head of Large Corporates, Barclays Bank Ireland commented:

    “Exporting continues to play a vital role in Ireland’s economic growth, with overseas trade providing significant opportunities for Irish companies wishing to expand their reach and grow their income. This is particularly relevant in 2015 given the recent depreciation in the Euro which is making Irish exports more competitive. At Barclays, we have supported many Irish companies to expand their operations into international markets by providing local trading expertise including bespoke trade finance solutions. Paddy Cosgrove’s success demonstrates the opportunity available to companies who choose to look to other markets and build an international focus into their growth strategies. Paddy has helped pave the way for other companies, particularly within the technology space, and for his successes and his achievement today, I would like to wish him heartfelt congratulations.”



    Paddy Cosgrave, Gold Medal recipient 2015

    Paddy Cosgrave, Gold Medal recipient 2015