• Stakeholder Consultation on ICAO’s Draft Policy Proposal for a Global Market Based Measures Scheme (GMBM)

    The Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) made a decision in October 2013 to develop a global market-based mechanism for international aviation emissions. The key purpose of the GMBM proposal is to stabilise CO2 emissions from international aviation at 2020 levels. The final GMBM design will be decided at the ICAO Assembly in Sept/Oct 2016 (including the mechanisms for the implementation of the scheme from 2020).

    The ICAO President put forward a proposal on the GMBM scheme. This proposal will serve as the basis for further discussions over the coming months. Ireland will participate actively in these discussions. To prepare for those discussions, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport requested submissions from stakeholders with an interest in both the Irish civil aviation sector and with the environment generally.

    The IEA, as the voice of the export industry in Ireland, made a submission addressing concerns that we believe should be taken under consideration in these deliberations. To view the IEA submission document, please click here.