• Submissions

    New Aviation Policy must have at its core an Air Cargo Policy

    04 Apr 2013Read More

    Consultation Process – Civil Aviation Policy

    07 Mar 2013Read More

    Strategic Review of Rosslare Europort

    07 Feb 2013Read More

    Submission to Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation – CEB restructuring

    21 Jan 2013Read More

    IEA: Ports Review Submission to the Competition Authority January 2013

    15 Jan 2013Read More

    IEA Pre Budget Submission 2013

    24 Oct 2012Read More

    IEA Pre Budget Submission 2012

    04 Oct 2011Read More

    IEA Euro-vignette (1999/62/EC) Directive Submission to the Department of Transport

    07 Dec 2010Read More

    IEA Submission on the Ports Policy Review 2010

    01 Nov 2010Read More

    IEA Pre Budget Submission 2011 – Delivering on the Export Potential

    13 Oct 2010Read More